摘自Q4 Earning Call

Reed Hastings:

….Google and Facebook and Amazon are tremendously powerful at online advertising. Because they’re integrating so much data from so many sources. There’s a business cost to that but they makes the advertising more targeted and effective. And so I think those three are going to get most of the online advertising business. And then to grow $5 billion or $10 billion advertising business you have to rip that away from other advertisers. In this case, say or other providers, Amazon, Google and Facebook which is quite challenging.


So don’t think of that as in a long term, there’s not easy money there. And instead we think if we don’t have exposure to that, the positive side is we’re a much simpler place. We’re not integrating everybody’s data. We’re not controversial that way. We’ve got a much simpler business model, which is just focused on streaming and customer pleasure. So we think with our model that we’ll actually get to a larger revenue, a larger profits, larger market cap because we don’t have the exposure to something that were strategically disadvantaged at which is online advertising against those big three, which over the next 10-years are just going to integrate incredible amounts of data about everybody. And we won’t and we’re not trying to have access to. So that’s why we’re really pretty confident that the best business model is this way is certainly in the long term.


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